What Makes Dubai Mall That Different

The Dubai Metro would be the simplest option. The building stands tall in Downtown car rental dubai airport, which is linked with an entry opening from the Dubai Mall. 2. The extreme height that the water can reach is about 500 feet, almost as tall as a 50-storied building. You can also enjoy regular exhibitions held at the fashion dome by the top fashion designers of the world. Apart from this regular experience, Hysteria also offers special experiences twice a year. Although Dubai Mall is one of the must-visit sights in Dubai, it offers much more than the things mentioned here. Kite Beach, Marina Beach, Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Park, Al Mamzar Beach, White Beach, Sharjah Beach, Kite, and Surf Beach, etc. which could serve as the perfect picnic spot for you and your partner as it is one of the most favored activities to do in Dubai for couples. Dune Bashing – This is one of the most popular adventure activities in Dubai and also in demand with families as the minimum age limit is 3 years.

It’s known to all that the Dubai Mall is one of the world’s biggest malls. “I went through a door to the observatory area, which I didn’t realize was outside,” she explains, “When I realized I was outside, I looked down and noticed I was standing on a wooden deck, hammered together with screws and you could see the sky in between the cracks.” Not the biggest fan of heights, Churbuck quickly dropped to her knees, and crawled back inside, “where I did not last long before taking the elevator down,” she says. Do not enter if you suffer from claustrophobia, heart disease, back or knee pain, high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, or any other serious medical condition. The onset and duration of Hysteria cannot be predicted, making it a rare condition. Here is everything you need to know about Hysteria Dubai Mall. Tickets for Hysteria can now be purchased exclusively at the Dubai Mall location. You can buy Hysteria merch in one of two ways. One of the fastest elevators in the world (surprisingly, this is one record the Burj does not hold) whisked us to the At the Top viewing platform on the 124th floor in just 60 seconds.

The Dubai Mall, located in the 20 billion dollar Downtown Dubai complex, holds the record for the world’s largest retail mall based on total area. Once you have completed your horror experience inside Hysteria, do visit the retail or gift shop inside the premises to get your hands at branded merchandise and gory or horror gift items and souvenirs. Next on our list of best shopping malls in Dubai is another Majid Al Futtaim retail centre. These attractions are part of several shopping malls around the world. They are accompanied by a taste for freedom, a sense of enjoyment and the desire to offer all the beauty the world. It is most modern and progressive emirate in the UAE developing at an unbelievable pace in the tourist and trade sectors swiftly coming up to the world highest business level. This hotel is convenient to the business traveler as well as to the leisure traveler as it is centrally located. Homeowners, who want to make Business Bay their home, will find it a unique location filled with play areas for children, public piazzas and arcades. The entire time you are inside the house, you will have to try get away from the clutches of this ghost couple.

What are the Timings? You’ll need to book in advance though as tickets are generally sold out for several days ahead unless you want to pay a hefty premium. You need to get out at the “The Dubai Mall” stop on the metro, and the mall is a short walk away. A shopping mall is a place that most people visit to shop, catch up on new movies, meet friends for coffee, or enjoy lunch or dinner during weekends. Yes, I love to travel, shop, eat good food, and write about it. Hysteria Dubai Mall is for those who love horror movies and are up for an adventure. Performance and tradition are integrated in the footwear, offering supreme comfort without sacrificing style. Our guests are free to spend as much time as they like in the house, which has 15 rooms for them to explore. I’ve taken the above pictures on September 11, 2012, using iPhone 4, much of the surroundings of the Burj Khalifa have been built since.

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